Gishubi Hill - Burundi
  • Gishubi Hill - Burundi

    Ben and Kristy Carlson and their team at the Long Miles Coffee Project have earned their place as an exemplar of sustainable coffee sourcing in eastern Africa. We have been honored to count them among our friends for many years before Basalt Roasters came about, and we could hardly be more proud to be roasting their coffees in Yakima. 


    Unlike some of its East African counterparts that smack you in the face with berries and lemons, this coffee offers a subtle, meandering cup profile that starts with grapefruit and sweet vanilla then softens into notes of pomegranate, tobacco, orange and just a hint of coco as the coffee cools.     

    If you enjoy a coffee that offers distinct flavors with every sip, you might fall in love with this one.

    Here's more from the LMCP team: 

    Gishubi, the hill on which this coffee grows, is a stone’s throw away from the indigenous Kibira Forest. The cool mist of the forest breathes daily onto the coffee trees. This slightly cooler micro-climate makes the coffee cherries of Gishubi grow and mature slower, which sets the Gishubi cup apart. Sadly, the hill’s proximity to the forest has meant that during times of conflict it becomes a permanent theater of war. Armed groups have often hidden in the forest and forcefully collected people’s possessions, crops and livestock. During times of conflict, farmers have no choice but to abandon their fields and children are not able to go to school.

    • Specs:

      Producers: Gishubi farmers and the Long Miles Coffee Project 

      Washing Station: Heza (03°00.429” S 29°35.027” E)

      Region: Kayanza Province

      Process: fully washed, sun-dried on raised beds

      Elevation: 7,000+ feet above sea level 

      Variety: Bourbon