Colombia Inza DECAF

Colombia Inza DECAF

Most decaf coffees pale in comparison to their caffeinated counterparts, with burnt, chemical, bland, and weirdly-nutty flavors defining the group.  

Not so for this stellar EA decaf coffee from the small town of Inza, Colombia via our friends at Red Fox.  With notes of jam, almond, and milk chocolate, we find ourselves brewing this coffee all times of day for all the right reasons - because it's simply delicious.  

Whether you prefer to avoid caffeine or you want to explore the possibilities of decaffeinated coffees, we hope you'll enjoy this coffee as much as we do.  

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  • Details

    Region: Cuaca

    Varietal: Caturra, Colombia, Castillo

    Process: Fully-washed, EA decaffination

    Altitude: 1700- 2000