LLG Natural Process - El Salvador
  • LLG Natural Process - El Salvador

    This is one of our cornerstone coffees, representing a type-example of how we think the coffee industry should be.  

    The producer, the importer, and the roaster are all genuine friends.  We know each other's histories, the struggles that have defined our lives, and we spend too much time laughing about our dogs.  Together we make a weird, sometimes distant, mostly-digital-these-days kind of family that's as fiercely committed to each other as we are to making delicious coffee.   


    Basalt purchases this coffee directly from the producing family in El Salvador, and together we contract our good friends at Ally Coffee to handle the logistics for us. 

    This natural processed, orange bourbon varietal is the premier offering of the Loma la Gloria farm, presenting wonderful caramel, blackberry, and almond flavors in the cup.  Ask us anything you'd like to know about this coffee.  We'll talk your ear off about it if you let us.  

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    Photo credit: Beau Austin

    • Specs

      Producers: Pimentel family and staff

      Washing Station: Loma la Gloria (48.8583 W, 2.2923 S)

      Region: Quezaltepeque aka El Boquerón

      Process: Natural 

      Elevation: 5,000 feet above sea level 

      Variety: Orange bourbón