Gogogu Forest - Ethiopia
  • Gogogu Forest - Ethiopia

    The Gogogu forest is the realm of coffee legend.

    Nestled in the heart of Africa's Great Rift Valley where coffee trees grow wild, the Oromo farmers of Guji have more coffee-growing heritage than anyone on Earth. Unfortunately, market regulations in Ethiopia have become infamous for making it nearly impossible to maintain traceability in the supply chain, which is a critical component of sustainability.  Thanks to the exceptionally difficult work done by Red Fox Coffee Merchants and many others, this reality is changing.  

    Kedir Jabril Imamu, pictured above, pays farmers in the surrounding forest higher than market rates for cherries and produces this coffee at his Gogogu Wate station, and Red Fox works directly with Imamu to bring this coffee to the US.

    We are exceptionally proud to offer this coffee to Yakima.  We hope you enjoy! 

    • Specs

      Producers: Kedir Jebril Imamu and farmers of the Gogogu forest.

      Washing Station: Gogogu Wate (6.0332 N, 38.4676 E)

      Region (District, Zone): Uraga, Guji

      Varieties: Kurume, Wolisco

      Process: 60-hour fermentation, fully washed, sun-dried on raised beds