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Nansebo Solena, Ethiopia
  • Nansebo Solena, Ethiopia

    After more than 15 combined years of working in coffee, real surprises don't come around too often. This is one of them. 

    The coffee producers in the West Arsi region of Ethiopia are world-renowned for their sparkling, floral, fruit-forward natural coffees. This coffee is a perfect example, with distinct notes of pomegranate and raspberry jam with a lovely jasmine aroma. 


    Perhaps this is to be expected, given that it's produced by Degafe Teklemariam and Heleanna Georgalis, some of the region's corps d'elite producers, at the legendary Moplaco Trading Co. 

    Where's the surprise in great coffee from great coffee producers, you ask? Well, this particular lot was harvested in the summer of 2021, a full two-and-half years ago. Conventional wisdom says that in that time, the coffee should lose its acidity and fruity flavors, becoming "baggy" and showing flavor notes we describe as "cardboard-y." 

    But, for reasons we could only begin to guess at, this coffee shows nothing of the sort. In fact, our sourcing partners at Red Fox scored this coffee higher this winter than when it arrived two summers ago. 

    So we don't pretend to understand it, but we sure are excited about it and can't wait to share it with you! 

    • Specs

      Producers: Degafe Teklemariam and Heleanna Georgalis

      Washing Station: Mandeyo

      Region: Warka, West Arsi

      Process: Fully-natural & sun-dried on African raised beds

      Elevation: 6,900 - 7,500 feet above sea level 

      Variety: Ethiopian landraces a.k.a. heirloom varieties

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