Mexico Oaxaca Yosonicaje
  • Mexico Oaxaca Yosonicaje

    Here's a bit of information from our sourcing partners, Red Fox Coffee Merchants:


    "Coffee in Mexico is in transition in many ways. Recognized as a leader in
    blended certified coffees (the first “Fair Trade” anything was coffee from Mexico), the country has been facing increasing costs of production, declining profitability, and widespread lack of transparency. Faced with these obstacles, farmers are demanding a different way forward.

    These lots represent an enormous effort of selecting and vetting for quality, and not
    just in the cup. They all pass strict moisture content and water activity parameters as well. We build all our bulk regional and community lots by evaluating each individual farmer’s deliveries, and we are paying a minimum price that far exceeds the rate that these farmers receive through traditional channels. As in other areas where we have built trust with producer associations, Red Fox is committed to buying anything that is clean, sweet, and within our physical parameters, not just high scoring small deliveries.

    Any other way would be a disservice to the group’s work.

    The cup profile of these Oaxaca lots is delicate and subtly complex, with a brilliant
    depth of sweetness and clarity. They have a refreshing, juicy quality reminiscent of
    yellow peach and bing cherry."

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    • Details

      Varietal: Bourbon, Typica

      Process: Washed

      Altitude: 1600 - 1800 masl


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