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Ninga Hill, Burundi
  • Ninga Hill, Burundi

    Sourced directly from our dear friends at the Long Miles Coffee Project (LMCP), this fully-washed coffee is grown on the hills of Ninga in the Kayanza province. 

    The Ninga hills are some of the most remote growing areas in Burundi, and farmers have historically had to travel many miles to deliver their cherries to the nearest washing station. Thanks to the newly-constructed LMCP washing station, the farmers of Ninga now have much more direct access to international markets and a large cost center has been removed. 


    This means more of the price we pay gets back to the growers, and we get to enjoy this stunning example of what this region can produce: a remarkably sweet coffee with undertones of orange peel, semi-sweet chocolate, and a hint of blackberry. 


    Find out more about this coffee and the Long Miles Coffee Project here.

    • Specs

      Producers: 764 smallholder farmers in the Ninga hills

      Washing Station: Long Miles Coffee Project - Ninga Station

      Region: Kayanza

      Process: Fully-washed

      Elevation: 5,900 to 6,500 feet above sea level 

      Variety: Bourbón

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