Sierra Mixteca - Mexico

Sierra Mixteca - Mexico

Showcasing quality coffees from Mexico is one of our passions at Basalt Roasters.  There are many reasons for this; not least of all to honor the heritage of so many in the Yakima Valley.  

With its delicious mix of butter, almond, and stonefruit flavor notes, this lot from the Sierra Mixteca cooperative in Santa Maria Yucuhiti is a wonderful example of the excellent potential of Oaxacan coffees.  Even more exciting to us is the strength of the supply chain from the farmers to you.  Our sourcing partner, Red Fox Coffee Merchants, sets the standard for sustainable sourcing in Oaxaca, and if you're interested to learn more about the economics of the supply chain related to this coffee, check out this article from Red Fox

  • Specs

    Producers: Madelina Lopez and surrounding farmers

    Washing Station: Sierra Mixteca Cooperative

    Region: Oaxaca, Mexico

    Process: Fully washed

    Elevation: 5,500-6,000 feet above sea level 

    Variety: Typica, Bourbon, Mundo Novo