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Coffee's journey from farm to your cup is a long one. Roasters play one role in coffee's supply chain/value chain, taking the dried green beans  and turning them into the sweet, beautiful brown version of coffee you know and love. But understanding where the coffees we roast come from and how they get to us is important. Both our size and company values lead us to building lasting relationships with our importers and sourcing partners. Specialty coffee is moving toward more transparency and sustainability in coffee's supply chain. We are proud to roast and offer to our community coffee that is thoughtfully and intentionally sourced. And while the industry doesn't have an agreed upon standard as to what constitutes "transparency" or "sustainability",  at Basalt Roasters it means learning as much as we can from our sourcing partners about our coffee's  journey and then sharing that information with you all. Sustainability means we are committed to working both locally and within global organizations and industries to find solutions for creating more opportunity and less waste. 

Our sourcing partners include: Red Fox Coffee Merchants, Onyx Coffee, Loma La Gloria,  Ally Coffee & Long Miles Coffee Project. 


ABOUT coffee


As coffee roaster and educator Joe Morrocco said, "Roasting is an aesthetic endeavor." We started Basalt Roasters because we love exploring the full range of flavors that coffee has to offer. We wanted to share a specific style of specialty coffee roasting with Yakima.

Once the coffee's long journey to us is complete, we roast each lot to bring out the intricate flavors inherent to it's growing region, varietal, and processing method. It is our honor to showcase the hard work of everyone before us and offer it to you freshly roasted.

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