About Coffee

Here in the Yakima Valley we know a lot about apples and grapes, but you - like us - may still be learning about coffee, something many of us drink every day. For instance, did you know that saying a coffee is 100% Arabica beans would be like saying an applesauce is 100% Apples, or a wine is 100% Grapes. It’s nice to know there aren’t any additives, but it doesn’t tell us whether they’re Red Delicious or Granny Smith, Merlot or Chardonnay. Every variety of apple and grape has a different size, shape, color, texture and flavor. The same is true of the countless heirloom varieties of coffee in Ethiopia as well as the dozens of varieties that have found their way outside of the birthplace of coffee.

Single Origin Coffee refers to coffee from a single source, such as a specific farm, estate, cooperative or mill. Focus on the source of the coffee and working to understand coffee's full journey from farm to cup leads to better prices for producers, a higher quality bean, and a delicious cup of coffee.

About our Roasting

As coffee roaster and educator Joe Morrocco said, "Roasting is an aesthetic endeavor." We started Basalt Roasters because we love exploring the full range of flavors that coffee has to offer. We wanted to share a specific style of specialty coffee roasting with Yakima.

Once the coffee's long journey to us is complete, we roast each lot to bring out the intricate flavors inherent to it's growing region, varietal, and processing method. It is our honor to showcase the hard work of everyone before us and offer it to you freshly roasted.

Where to Find Our Coffee

You can find us HERE

617 // espresso drinks

617 Elm Street, Tieton


Cafe Luna // serving batch brew

810 Wisconsin Avenue, Tieton


Crafted // espresso drinks

22 North First Street, Yakima


RemBrandt Fruit Stand // espresso drinks

72232 US Highway 97, Wapato


Single Hill Brewing Company // cold brew on tap

102 North Naches Avenue, Yakima


Varietal Beer Co. // cold brew on nitro

416 East Edison Avenue, Sunnyside


Washington Fruit Place @ Barrett Orchards // cold brew & offering wholesale

1209 Pecks Canyon Road, Yakima


Wholesale Partners

Johnson Orchards //

4906 Summitview Avenue, Yakima


Bearded Monkey Cycling and Fitness //

1802 West Nob Hill Blvd., Yakima


Gilbert Cellars The Tasting Room //

5 North Front Street, Yakima


Tieton Made // down a block from Mighty Tieton

700 Wisconsin Avenue, Tieton


 Dr. Kara Lolley and Associates //

307 S. 12th Avenue, Yakima


Pacific Northwest Fresh // Local Produce Delivery

Online orders only!


McIlrath Family Farms // Farm Fresh Produce Delivery

Online & 10 Old Naches Highway, Yakima



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